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  • September 06 2008

    American Casinos

    The world, America's southern states in particular, is still recovering from the horror and damage caused by 2005's hurricane season, which also caused the closing or complete destruction of over ten casinos. It seems likely that mother nature is holding a certain grudge against casino establishments. Today is merely the year's second day, and already, the news is flooded with reports of two new disasters that are keeping patrons out of their beloved casinos.

    The River Rock Casino in Geyserville, CA, closed down on New Year's Eve, having to postpone its specially planned $100,000 “Winner Wheel Celebration" after heavy rains fell from the sky, causing floods and the closing of two nearby bridges. At one point that night, the entire area lost power, causing the cancellation of several other parties as well. In our second casino-related natural disaster, grass fires broke out in Eastern New Mexico yesterday, causing the local fire department to evacuate the Black Gold Casino in Hobbs. This precaution was taken the moment the wind began to carry the fires towards to the city. In addition to the casino, a nursing home, two health care facilities, the local college's dormitories and the Zia Racetrack were temporarily cleared as well. We can only hope that the rest of the year will be kinder to us all, and Mother Nature will not keep us from playing at the casino of our choice.