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  • September 06 2008

    Casino Newsflash – By Associated Press - yakima county – The Yakama Indian Nation is contemplating about intensifying its Legends Casino south of Yakima and adding up off-track betting on horse racing. The tribe is about to launch a campaign to convince the public that their operation would increase salaries in the county.

    The tribe has been examining several methods to enlarge their gaming operations. Suggestions have been floated to build a second casino at several spots in Oregon or in Washington, but it is unknown of the two states would agree for a second casino to be built at their turf.

    The development plans being well thought-out at Legends Casino consist of adding another 4,000 square feet to the chief floor, in addition to adding off-track betting, said Legends Casino General Manager Michael Hoptowit. “We’ve been discussion about that at length, now we’re getting nearer,” he said. “It’s reasonable to say that we’ve received a good response from adjacent areas that say they’d like a vital spot to bet on horses.”